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Yep, THE SEDIMENTS "go negative"! Here are some people and organizations we're not very fond of:

Take a pill: how 'bout a visit to Rush Limbaughtomy--the Dittohead Recovery Zone? 'Tis a nice blog...

While you're at it, maybe you'd like to Boycott Rush's Sponsors? This page has a list of all of them, along with contact info for each company so you can TELL THEM why you won't give money to entities who think it's ok to equate feminism with Nazis. From

And by the way, we think it's a good idea to make a dramatic change in 2004. Again, that URL is

Speaking of Bush, an archive of countless tortured attempts at the use of the English language can be found at, where their motto is "We Record the Damage..."

Why not Boycott the RIAA? The few things released by their member labels that are worth listening to can usually be found used with just a little effort...

Sick of America's love affair with SUVs? We are. Check out the Ultimate Poseur's Sport Utility Page.

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